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Read below for testimonies from some of our customers!
  • Have visited this shop many times. Love the soaps! Great customer service!
    Jennifer Kelder
  • Best organic, all natural products ever!
    Erin McCormick
  • High quality products that you can trust. I can’t imagine getting my skin care products anywhere else 🙂
    Anne Hall Brandes
  • The owners are the kindest, most amazing people in the world. I highly recommend this shop to anyone and everyone!
    Mary Harris
  • Wonderful people! I was born and raised in the Allenwood/Manasquan area. Now i live in the pacific coast of Nicaragua. Mosquitos where i live carry dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya. I use the “bite and burn be gone” product when i am bit by mosquitos. And since using this product have not gotten sick. The mosquito bites also disappear within minutes of applying the product.
    Kevin X. Malone
  • I’ve been buying products here for 2.5 years now & I love them all! The owner is knowlegable and takes her time answering questions. My favorite product is the cold and flu spray.

How "Our Products" Differ From The Rest

Our products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, chemical enhancers and preservatives. We select the finest ingredients from around the world and blend them with great care to create products that deeply nourish, comfort and protect the body. Our skincare line S.O.S (Safe Organic and Natural Skincare Line) is hand poured, not machine generated to ensure that the exact concentration and synergistic blend of ingredients is reflected in every single product.