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Our company uniquely possesses the ability to customize body care products to suit your individual needs. At Gifts of Nature, we understand that individuals have unique skin care & medical needs as well as personal preferences. We would love to custom blend a product for you. We import oils from all over the world to individualize products. We can adjust any other ingredient(s) to meet your needs as well. *Please note prices for customized products will vary according to the substituted ingredients, the chosen essential oils &/or their related dilution percentages.

It is important that you note any important medical history when considering the use of essential oils or carrier oils and its possible interactions with prescription drugs and allergies. Please note in box below if you have any known medical conditions that we should be aware of when customizing your product. Create your own
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Safety Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated product information. Products and descriptions are suitable for traditional uses of essential oils and are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your health care professional to see if these products are right for you.

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