Summer in New Jersey

Summer in New Jersey

Ahhh it’s summertime again in New Jersey…..beaches, barbecues, BUGS!!!  We Jerseyans like to say our state bird is the mosquito and some of them can be as big as Volkswagens.  No one would think of hiking in the woods, going on a picnic or just being in the backyard without some type of repellant. Most over the counter insect sprays contain DEET, a chemical the EPA placed in Category 3, which means slightly toxic. Let’s face it however. Chemical bug sprays can be harmful to children, pets and anyone with a compromised immune system. According to the EPA more than 4.5 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used every year (that’s billion with a B). And keep in mind that 6 out of every 100 calls to a poison control center involves pesticide poisoning.

For these reasons we have formulated a 100% natural and organic bug spray and bug bite roll on.  Our bug spray is made with a completely nontoxic jojoba and aloe vera carrier in which over 100 drops of medical grade essential oils are added. When applied on arms, legs, neck, etc, these products form a barrier which mosquitoes, gnats and other pests won’t come near.  We have had this product on the market for almost 10 years and have encountered nothing but resounding success and satisfaction with it.  We have also formulated lighter versions for children and infants which are just as successful.

The following review is from one of our satisfied customers who brought the product with him to Central America

Wonderful people! I was born and raised in the Allenwood/Manasquan area. Now i live in the pacific coast of Nicaragua. Mosquitos where i live carry dengue fever, malaria, and chikungunya. I use the “bite and burn be gone” product when i am bit by mosquitos. And since using this product have not gotten sick. The mosquito bites also disappear within minutes of applying the product.” – Kevin 

The bug bite roll on is again a jojoba aloe vera base with medical grade essential oils which effectively eases the sting of an insect bite in mere minutes.  This roll on also provides effective relief from burns.