Summer Sunscreen Dangers

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Everyone remembers the old Coppertone ad with the little dog tugging on the bathing suit of the little girl.  She had a terrific tan and no one from that time period would question what that suntan lotion contained as far as harmful products or chemicals.   A lot of research and experimentation has led to the realization that certain chemicals in these lotions had a tendency to disrupt hormones.

Today there are sunscreen products that employ 2 ways to protect your skin, a mineral barrier or a chemical one.  Through diligent research, we at Gifts of Nature are stocking Badger Sunscreen products.  Badger is considered one of the 10 best and safest sunscreens on the market, according to a study conducted by Good Housekeeping.  Using zinc oxide as a sunblock (mineral based protection), our Badger SPF 30 Active sunscreen creams are moisturizing, water and sweat resistant for at least 40 minutes, and perfect for the beach, swimming or light activity.  All Badger sunscreen creams are certified by NSF to contain over 75% organic ingredients and certified 100% natural by NPA.  Also acne prone people love the fact that Badger doesn’t clog pores.

The staff at Gifts of Nature also would like to warn our public about the efficacy of homemade sunscreens.  Pinterest is awash in homemade formulas extolling the effectiveness of these creams and lotions.  A study conducted by the University of North Florida downloaded all the recipes and studied every 5th one.  What they discovered was that 68% didn’t contain anything near adequate protection.

So as the summer solstice approaches be sure to apply adequate protection when frolicking in the sun, whether it be the beach, a bbq, golfing or the swimming pool.  Stay safe and have fun!




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