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So last weekend you decided to join a gym to get into shape and even spent the extra money for a personal trainer. The trainer put you through a series of workouts for a couple of hours and by the next morning you could barely get out of bed! Obviously your muscles and joints were not used to the regimen of multiple reps that most training sessions require. You reach for the over the counter pain cream in your medicine chest and apply it to all affected areas. In the past products such as Bengay were sold by the millions to athletes and exercisers everywhere. But a tube of Bengay is produced by using Methyl salicylate to the tune of 15% by weight! A single teaspoon of this organic compund contains 6 grams of salicylate, or the equivalent of 20 300 mg aspirins. In April 2007 a seventeen-year-old cross country runner at Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island actually died after her body absorbed methyl salicylate through excessive use of topical muscle-pain relief products.

The surge in interest and testing of aromatherapy in the last couple of decades has given rise to numerous natural topical solutions containing essential oils that are just as effective as the big pharma solutions. Different combinations of these oils are combined with natural cream bases to provide effective, safe relief from pain. A quick list of some of these oils and what they achieve follows:

Lavender - This “wonder oil” has incredibly amazing properties. Beyond relaxation and a good night’s sleep lavender also eases muscular swelling, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and anxiety and mildly sedates the body.

Black Pepper - Yes it’s derived from the same stuff next to your salt shaker on the kitchen table! It has a warming effect when used on the skin which makes it ideal to promote blood circulation. It also contains analgesic properties to help with arthritis pain and sore muscles.

Peppermint - Another great option for relieving muscle pain is this antispasmodic. The cooling effect it has when applied calms and decreases muscle spasms, relieves nausea, relaxes muscles, especially in the lower back and reduces tension.

These are just a few of the essential oils contained in Gifts of Nature’s Pain Cream. Infused into a base cream made from beeswax, jojoba oil and aloe vera the lavender, black pepper and peppermint, as well as other pain-fighting oils combine to create a wonderful, safe and effective organic solution to achy muscles and joints. Formulated using only medical grade essential oils (which penetrate skin pores much quicker than non-medical-grade oils) you can feel safe knowing there is no methyl salicylate in this product!

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